File 72314

File 72314 (Variations)
by Hermetic Library anthology artist David B Metcalfe‘s The Message may be of interest.

“Variations on a theme, open landscapes of sound evoking the wandering spirits of the Cold War. A dossier of desolate dreams returning home and the subtle weight of unfinished assignments. Pathways for uneasy spirits to find peace.

– File 72314 –

for James J. Angleton (December 9, 1917 – May 12, 1987)

I, in this land of Ghosts, unseen.
But what is mine?
A spectre of memory, layers of wire, a Lie.
A memory bathed
in the deepest hues of fire.
But what is mine?
A love of all the mirrors,
against which they were pressed.

Sounds assembled 2010-2014, Processed & Fixed as the sun sank below the horizon on July 23rd, 2014.”