The Painter

The Painter (2014) from Glendalina Ziemba on Vimeo.


The Painter is a video from Glendalina Ziemba, in the Hermetic Library video pool.

“The Daemons come for those whose hearts are most pure. And the ones with the purest hearts are the ones who have never loved”. — St. Markos, from The Painter.

And the words heard through the vision of his Higher Self were this —
It is all Etherokrino.
Speak not of it. Serve it.
You create without Mystery?
You are a big joke, Master Librarian!
Information is to be used, not owned.
The only choice you have: find your Forth Brain. Make thoughts life.
Enough of that Aristotelian shit!
See my expression.
Surface is nowhere. The center is everywhere.
There you are, sitting, poison in your hand, waiting for the Barbarians.
The shit that you filled you cup with, Mister Thunder!
Words that sting.
Thoughts in time become ideals; stagnant.
I met you before. Feet on Earth. I danced with you!
The time will come, altogether. We will reach Heaven and Hell.
The same.

A painter calls upon his Higher Self to aid in completing a fine art work. “The Painter (2014)” is a glimpse of one man’s private meditation and takes us on a journey into the mind of an artist and explores the work that is needed to create a work of meaning.

Through a meditation the Painter meets his ancestors who, by way of a ritual dance, call a Cosmic Agency, or Adjustor. The Adjustor comes Down to perform an adjustment to the Painter’s mind, putting him into a momentary state of Enlightenment.

Starring: Tony Mallous – The Painter
Sofia Mallous – The Shaman
Glendalina Ziemba – The Adjustor

Film by: Glendalina Ziemba
Written by: Tony Mallous and Glendalina Ziemba