1485 (nRadio Variations) by Hermetic Library anthology artist David B Metcalfe‘s The Message may be of interest.

“‘In the 1950s, Friedrich Jürgensen, a painter, archaeologist, and former opera singer living in Sweden, found traces of extra voices on tapes with which he was trying to record birdsongs. Over the years, Jürgensen made thousands of recordings of the voices of the dead…’*

These voices often came through to him via a radio tuned to 1485 Khz.

Sounds assembled on chilly drives through north Georgia with the radio tuned to 1485 khz in January 2014, Processed & Fixed in the heart of the woods during the heat of warm summer nights in July, 2014.

*1485 kHz, Carl Michael von Hausswolff assisted by MSC Harding (Cabinet Magazine Issue 1 Winter 2000/01)”