disintegration (the fragile ones part 2)” is an uncertain track added by blackantlers in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Blackness devours us all
I am falling with a fragile body
Endless chasm for all of us to fall
Will you come with me?
I don’t have very much time left
O’ Most High, O’ Most Noblest One
Take me, take me with you
I am slowly becoming undone
Roots grow weak for me
And my time is due
Mother, mother are you there?
Why thy sacrifice?
The moon so far here,
Why my sacrifice?
Moths as blood take flight.
What will become of me?
Please help, Lord, please help
The tide is pulling in thee
Water takes me as I whelp
Long tears, finally with the sea
Take me, O’ dearest one,
Archangels have mercy, please
My time here is done.
All the world in sight flees
What will become of me?
I see a Sea Priestess,
Offering her hand.
I have had enough to witness
I ascend from this land
Rising as moon moths in the aether