Dying Gods


Dying Gods

The song is a testament to society and what is going on in the world, especially from a standpoint of urban America. Dying gods ’cause gods are dying we leave in the day where the false gods of mainstream religion are idolized over arcane esoteric gods of the occult.

It probably would be easier if we told you what J.Flash doesn’t do, but Flash is an MC, entrepreneur, comic book writer, director, actor, and producer. His journey has been anything but painless. J.Flash started writing poetry at the age of 6 and began to turn those poems into narrative rhymes with thought provoking lyrics. After his first love with football didn’t pan out, J.Flash focused all of his energy into his music. In 2011, J.Flash made the inaugural Hulkshare “Featured Artist” list and was described as a “lyricist with a boom bap conversational flow”. J.Flash will be making the documentary hip hop film “Art of Rhyme 2.0” alongside Mos Def, Black Thought, KRS-ONE, and others. Flash’s first feature film “Boundary of Love” will be appearing on the festival circuit in 2013 as well as his comic “Diaries of Invasion”. J.Flash is ready to take the game by storm and will stop at nothing until he has done just that.

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