The Cryptographic RAM Hymn

The Cryptographic RAM Hymn” is a track added by TinnYSainTainT in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Praise to You, Great Living Ram,
Foremost of Gods,
Lord of Ta-set-Neith (“the Seat of Neith”, Iunyt/Latopolis),
Raging Ba (soul),
Divine Lord of Gods,
Living One,
Lord of the Living,
Brave One,
Lord of braves,
God of the Primeval Mound,
Most Sublime of Gods,
Beloved of … . ,
Copulating Ram,
Living Ram,
Maker of rams,
Rising One,
Illuminator of the Two Lands,
Lord of the potter’s wheel,
Builder and Creator,
Maker of the Bau (the souls) of the Gods and mankind,
Lord of Gods,
the Breath of Life for those who are upon the Earth … .