Master and Margarita

Master and Margarita” is a RM Isaiah track added by The High Witness in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Hope I can drink myself to sleep
Before the sun it gets to rising
I beg the Lord my soul to keep
Every time I close my eyes
Nobody I know is a wise man
I’m pawning my collection of friends
Ain’t no use in saying what we believe in
Cause nowadays the war never ends (2x)

I’m your master you’re my margarita
You know I got the heart of a dog
I laugh at every other disaster
That man and god they send my way
Whatever man and god may send my way

The one thing you can always depend on
Trouble waits around the bend
The more defenseless that they can descend on
Is the less time that they have to spend
Somebody wake me up if I am still sleeping
Go on and call me terrible names
They’ll shear the sheep and use ‘em for kindling
Cause it’s hard to start a fire in the rain (2x)


You ask me about my trip to the labyrinths
An I can’t think of nothing to say
Like you , I think They’re magically tragic
In their own Mephistophelian way (2x)

Chorus (2x)