7000-Day Candle

7000-Day Candle installation walk-thru from Dave Greber on Vimeo.


7000-Day Candle installation walk-thru is a video from Dave Greber, for an art installation, in the Hermetic Library video pool.

7,000 day candles vitality! vitality! vitality! these digital candles will help you achieve what others cannot each candle is hand crafted and contains over 14 ingredients our candles come fully prepared and ready to light each candle comes with lucky number and a piece of parchment to write your desire and place behind while burning burn digital candle until the screen goes blank the full potential of the candle’s power will be reached make note of how it burns does it burn clean and complete? are there digital artifacts on the screen? does pixelation occur? glass cracked? did it explode? did the stones fall? did the ink peel? make note and contact us for interpretation if you need to put the candle out, unplug from power source never blow out once candle has finished it’s burn, either bury the paper or store somewhere safe remove sd card from underside of monitor video file can be recycled you may continue to display monitor, but unplug from power source it should be noted that although called 7000-day candles, they rarely last that long an excellent burn is 4k-6k use as directed