He Shall Thunder in the Sky

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews He Shall Thunder in the Sky: An Amelia Peabody Novel of Suspense by Elizabeth Peters.

Elizabeth Peters He Shall Thunder in the Sky

This volume of the Amelia Peabody mysteries is set in Egypt during World War I, and follows on the events of A Falcon at the Portal, resolving many of the plot tensions created in that earlier book, as well as a few of even longer standing. Rather than mere pecuniary criminality, this novel’s intrigue centers on military espionage.

For a book with what is basically a very happy ending, He Shall Thunder in the Sky also involves the greatest amount of physical injury to the Emerson family members of any of the books thus far.

This was a bedtime reading selection that I shared with my Other Reader. With some starting and stopping (made workable in part by how well the characters had been established by previous volumes), it took us close to a year to read. But we accelerated toward the end, as the narrative pace built and various revelations were made. [via]