Hermetic Library Zine

I have been considering putting together a ‘zine. Anyone want to contribute words or images?

Send in your submissions to Hermetic Library Zine

A draft library zine may or may not exist … but if it did it’s an awful mess right now. It’s just about 20 pages of stuff (some graphics, some scans of someone’s notebook and 1 article) I had from the handful of submissions I got back in 2013 for when I tried to start up a journal. (This isn’t that!) I don’t really know what I’m doing with it. I’ve just thrown everything together and started messing with brutally simple layout.

There’s no particular theme right now. And it’d be easier to say what I’m not looking for than what I am looking for, I think. Generally, I think I’m open to anything tangentially related to the subject matter of the library, but not limited to just the scope of what is on the site; and things for which the submitter can offer permission to me to publish, and that don’t directly spill degree related mysteries.

There’s no particular deadline right now. I’ll publish these when I’ve got enough submissions that it feels like time to issue. But, that doesn’t mean to procrastinate. Rather it means send in your stuff so I have it.

I’m vaguely thinking about doing this zine, like how I do the audio pool. The audio pool is a kind of a wild and wooly version of what I do more formally with the music anthology. I’ve thought about doing a zine as a kind of wild and wooly version of what would more formally be done as a journal, if I ever get to re-introduce that.

So, I’m totally in the storming phase here, and haven’t figured out anything yet set in stone, if ever that will be a thing. I’m open to whatever, so if you’ve got an idea let me know, or better yet just show me your idea in a submission.

Ideally, graphic submissions of art or layout should be “camera ready” pages I can just put into the thing. But, as for guidelines on submissions, follow the suggestions provided for general submissions I created for when I tried starting the journal.

Any thoughts or feedback? Got ideas? Wanna talk about it? Send me an email and let’s talk!