Conan The Guardian

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews Conan The Guardian by Roland Green.

Roland Green Conan the Guardian

This Conan novel by Roland Green is one of those following on the Conan books by Robert Jordan far more closely than the original stories by Robert E. Howard. It is set in the mercantile kingdom of Argos, where sorcery has been forbidden and neglected for centuries. There are two human villains in this story, a scheming nobleman and an ambitious sorcerer. Their activities in turn accidentally awaken a couple of dormant magical monsters to supply Conan with a stereotypical “boss battle” or two at the end of the book.

Although the plot of the novel is heavy on intrigue, there are no particularly surprising turns. The prose is clear enough, and the pace is definitely brisk. The plot indulges Conan in the sexual favor of every desirable woman whose path he crosses, and despite likely jealousies (and even possibilities regarding offspring), no one holds it against him.

For overall quality of story and storytelling, I’d say this one is firmly lodged in the mid-range of the overall spectrum of Conan pastiche. [via]