The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While by Catherynne M Valente.

Catherynne M Valente The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland for a Little While

I read this novella (with my daughter) after all four of Valente’s fairyland novels. I think it would have been good to read it after the first, which seems to have been the publication sequence. It doesn’t really spoiler anything in the other three books, it precedes all four in narrative chronology, and it sets up some of the important events of the third and fourth. Reading it this way worked all right, though. It made it possible to guess where things were going in the plot, although there was still a surprise or two. The imaginative intensity is certainly of a piece with the other stories. [via]