Summary of Aethyrs for Inktober 2016

Inktober has come and gone, and so has the premiere of Aethyrs. Here’s a full list of Aethyrs panels I’ve posted for Inktober.

Aethyrs panel 0 In the Beginning

  1. In the Beginning …
  2. There was Nothing.
  3. Nothing gets boring really fast.
  4. Nothing decided to become Something.
  5. Something isn’t much better than Nothing.
  6. But at least it’s Something.
  7. As brothers fight ye!
  8. Sup? Dude.
  9. You suck.
  10. No. You suck.
  11. Ever get the feeling?
  12. No. But, I bet you do.
  13. Your hostility betrays a weakness.
  14. I’m not being hostile.
  15. Yes? Maybe. No!
  16. You’re wrong.
  17. I just haven’t figured out how.
  18. I always knew you were a scorpion.
  19. You failed to understand.
  20. Why won’t you just talk to me?
  21. I’m ignoring you.
  22. No, I don’t!
  23. Until you get caught.
  24. You.
  25. I’d rather be alone.
  26. Why are you here?
  27. Service me.
  28. It isn’t about you.
  29. Why do you have to be that way?
  30. Helping you understand isn’t a priority.
  31. I give up.
  32. Mind your own business.