Apollo 22


Apollo 22

Was Apollo 22 our first mission to Mars? Does NASA have a secret space program? This far out Ophwurld track will take you on a mission to unknown territory into deep space. Put your helmets on, we’re heading right through the Kepler Belt! Full speed ahead!

Kevlar Nuckler tore it up on guitar and cell phone, Roger Rodgers laid down the bass groove and played backwards turntable and Kaosillator Pro, Alan Sitar Brown rocked the keyboards and sitar, while Gary “The Jettman” Jetter pounded the electronic drums. Recorded live at The Birdhouse Studio.

Ophwurld is Roger Rodgers & Kevlar Nuckler teaming up to create Aural Sculpture. Recently Alan Sitar Brown and Gary “The Jettman” Jetter have joined the group to complete the lineup. Their music captures the live energy of on-the-spot creation and improvisation which gives their music an honest quality found lacking in much of today’s hyper-produced music.

Primarily instrumentals, their songs range in genre from trip-hop and reggae, to hard rock & roll. They incorporate many different genres in the mix including: Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Electronica, Blues, Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop. Their music can be described as Experimental Science Fiction Rock, SpaceShip-Hop, & Roots Rocket Reggae, and all of it is very SCI-cadelic!

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