Personal and organizational site and domain hosting with Hermetic Hosting and Hermetic Library

You may know that one of the services I’ve tried to offer is site hosting and domain registrar services via Hermetic Hosting, as a way for Hermetic Library and myself to be of service to the community.

For various reasons I’ve recently been contemplating what would happen to the services I offer, including site hosting, if something happened to me. The fates of everything Hermetic Library related and also of my rescue cats have both been weighing very heavily on my mind lately.

These topics have been weighing heavily on my mind, especially as I have not managed over the last decade to much improve my personal situation or developed a sustainable foundation. I’m not harbouring much hope for the near future, and don’t see much hope for anything beyond that either. Recently, things for me have seemed to me to be particularly unlikely to continue much longer.

Realistically, for example, if I dropped dead or, easily the case, I become truly homeless and then die, no one would notice I was gone for maybe weeks, maybe even months, maybe not until services and sites related to Hermetic Library started to disappear from the net, as I wouldn’t be around to pay them or maintain them. Some of these might linger for quite a while, as there are some automatic deposits and payments, but at the most there would be very little anyone could do for them while waiting for them to eventually fail also.

But, ultimately, something could happen, and if something did, I’m not sure how long anything would continue to function. I could die tomorrow, for example, and services could start to fail at any point after that. There simply is no one else that is involved, let alone that has access to passwords or servers, in keeping them going now that would be able to keep them going after something happened.

With that in mind, I have contacted all the hosting clients who have sites to which I provide services recommending they consider how they would recover your sites, to consider their plan for disaster recovery; and to suggest that they should consider migrating to a hosting service without a single point of failure, such as exists for the services that I offer.

I just don’t see how I can continue with integrity offer hosting services to existing or new clients. Like many things, I had high hopes for how Hermetic Hosting could provide income to keep the library going and also be an awesome way that I could be of service to the community. Unfortunately, I think it would be irresponsible for me to continue to offer those services.

So, with heavy and hurting heart, in addition to contacting all existing hosting clients to ask them to consider their options, I’m also no longer accepting new hosting agreements or domain registrations as Hermetic Hosting.