Summary for the week ending Dec 25, 2016

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending December 25th, 2016.

I’ve added SSL certificates to the library site as well as the blog. And, after watching them for a couple days, I’ve now set them to default to the secure protocol. Welcome to the future! Of course, part of this is in preparation for the switch to the new site, so that logins will be secure; but, these days, search engines are demanding that sites be secure in order to continue being ranked well.

I’m thinking of flipping the switch and put the new site in production. With the new secure protocol and that the new site is finally, and fully, mobile ready, search engines will be more happy with the site. There’s still so much work to do, but I’m not sure it makes sense to wait any longer. There will be things messed up on the site for a while, but there’s stuff that’s broken now because of my various template upgrades being partially rolled out over content that still has some original bad HTML, so, for just one example, there’s pages where content appears in white on a light background because the old, legacy HTML didn’t properly apply paragraph tags. Oy! So, why not just go for it? Yeah? Yeah! Okay! Let’s go!

Over the years, I’ve added grouping indexes and breadcrumbs and site search, but I also doubled content on the site, started to try for those metadata and concordance layers, and so forth; but, I just couldn’t keep up with hand coding the site, and only partially rolled out at least three (maybe more?) template updates, as much as I love the craft of being hands on, keepin’ it old school. Hopefully, this new site will help me keep up and make it easier for whatever the future brings, including making it much easier on Fellows to update their pages and possible future additional content work from additional librarians!

Which means, if you or someone you know is interested in helping with the site, especially if you’re familiar with wiki syntax or, even better, Dokuwiki specifically, let me know!

This week, with a heavy heart and a sense of defeat, I have decided to say goodbye to Hermetic Hosting. I am no longer accepting new hosting agreements or domain registrations as Hermetic Hosting or Hermetic Library, and I’ve contacted existing clients to consider their options. I’m sad, to be honest; and sorry I couldn’t be of more service doing hosting. It sure seemed like a good idea, but after years of trying to get it going … time to let that idea go.

The last logo design I did for Hermetic Hosting was pretty neat. I used Fludd’s Temple of Music as the texture inside the H. I had this notion of the spheres and music being a metaphor for esoteric activity online, a kind of big band music of the Infosphere Orchestra. I sure thought that was spiffy. Wasn’t it?

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