Sancta Mater, Musa #2


Sancta Mater, Musa #2

This melody came through while I was stuck in bed for a week with a broken toe. Originally it was just voice and guitar, but the melody seemed to want xylophone and reverb, and so the piece grew. It is both a gift from and homage to the Muses, who keep me listening. Most of it was written in a tree house east of Portland, OR in July of 2016. Thanks to the farm that nourished us, the plants that help me heal and to the people who supported me in this process.

Through a crack in the golden spider grid of reality, a stream of numbers and symbols poured down from crown to sacrum and gave a glimpse into the mystical teachings of music. Music, like nature, is perfectly imperfect in its honest form. Slight variations, apparent blemishes and steady water create a humble opening for something beautiful ~ Music, like water, is a living being.

Learning to listen with ethereal ears, Leah is an artist and mystic, a devotee of the sacred and a conduit for silence. She has traveled to South America and SE Asia, lived in the desert and in the forest of North America. She has played guitar for 12 years and flute for 16. It is her hope is to be able to represent well the musing things as they come through her. Hopefully this is only the beginning.

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