Summary for the week ending Jan 8, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending January 8th, 2017.

Outwardly it’s been, comparatively, a little slow this week, but I’ve mostly been working on cleaning up the crappy import cruft on the new site, getting pages pretty again. I forget just how much material there is at the library, until moments like these when I’m going through and touching every single page, like when I first took over the site. Of course, there’s more than double the pages since 2009, so … I don’t know what I was thinking!

I’ve started to announce some of the new sections that I’d been adding to the development site, but are now in production. Links to those will start to show up in the next summary.

After moving the pages from the Hermeneuticon wiki over to the new site, I’ve also been thinking more about how to work that into things again. I’ve slowly been getting my thoughts about that organized, and there’s some changes there, which haven’t been announced yet. But, you can take a look.

I think there’s a lot of use and value to be had from the various indexing possibilities, not the least of which is the long desired metadata and concordance projects. I’ve got to figure out how to integrate those again on the relevant pages, and that’s probably going to involve building a custom Dokuwiki plugin to programatically place relevant links on pages.

I suppose I’ve also been hoping to better integrate the Hrmtc BBS as a discussions area for the main site. Way back, I’d been working on integrating the forums from WordPress / BuddyPress, when I was trying to get that going at Hrmtc Underground. But, after getting the Discourse based BBS going, I didn’t ever get embedded discussions on the main site going. I’ve never intended to use the wiki’s own discuss link thingy, which I find to be awful both functionally and aesthetically.

I’m starting to ramble. This week up on the mountain, it’s been snowing and freezing. Lost power several times briefly, and for a few hours last night. Satellite Internet goes down, until I can clean off the dish long enough for the signal to return to strength. All that kind takes the wind out of being able to focus on the site, or even being able to access it remotely at all. But, I think I’ve been able to get a lot done this week in spite of the stormy skies.

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