The Golden Compass

Lucifer Benway reviews The Golden Compass, dir. Chris Weitz, in the Key 23 archive.

Philip Pullman’s screed against organized religion hits the screens in a family-friendly Christmas release. It is, of course, little surprise that the film’s Gnostic message has been entirely purged from the film. However, the core attitudes about the oppressive nature of organized religion shine through. Did I mention polar bears with thumbs fighting in armor that they welded themselves using iron from fucking meteors? Sam Elliot in a hot air balloon as a cowboy?

The Good: Set design and special effects are fairly epic, befitting this film which is supposed to be a sort of follow-up to LOTR for New Line.

The Bad: The story is a little rushed and key elements are changed or left out. But what do you expect?

The Bottom Line: Take your little cousins to see this and give them an education in free thought.