Summary for the week ending Jan 29, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending January 29th, 2017.

Hey, did you see that the new site has a sitemap so you can see just how far deep and wide you can go down the rabbit hole? Check it out. Also, for the crazy awesome few, there’s also an RSS feed of site changes! Fire up your RSS reader. I’ve also added these links to the main sidebar on the site.

I’m super embarrassed how far behind I’m on the next postal exchange boxes, both as Patron rewards and as a perk from the 2016 Funding Campaign. It’s been slower than I ever imagined gathering the goods, especially after I had to move to the mountains. But, this is on my mind as I’m working on getting these awesome boxes done and wanted to ask if you’d help.

Are there any esoteric or occult venues, vendors, gallery showings, or bookshops in your neighborhood, would you consider grabbing any swag they offer, like cool or interesting event flyers, postcards, bookmarks, or anything like that as well? Feel free to give my contact information to them, if they’d like to get in touch directly. Or, do you make something that you think would be fun or cool that you’d be interested in sending so that I can share that with others?

If you need it, I keep my current contact information, including postal address, updated on the library contact page.

Here’s a summary of posts on the blog from last week

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