When I go out I bleed magic from Ingrid Torvund on Vimeo.

When I go out I bleed magic
Shortfilm, ca. 20minutes, HD

This is the second movie in the trilogy,with the movie Magic Blood Machine as the first.

Most of the filming took place in Kviteseid in Vest Telemark, where I grew up. There I have access to a unique form of knowledge of the places we have used as locations.Vest-Telemark is known for folk music, wood carving, storytelling and old churches, where pagan and christian symbols exist side by side.Dragons, angels, crosses and demons, troll and talking animals are all present in this tradition.This mixture has intrigued me greatly growing up.
Under this project, I have had a partner, Jonas Mailand, which has been responsible for all filming and assisted in the planning, storyboard, and discussions around the ideas.The music is made by composer Jan Erik Mikalsen.