Summary for the week ending Feb 19, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending February 19th, 2017.

Been working through the site, cleaning import cruft and so forth. Still lots to do, but things keep getting more and more sorted. Traffic took a big hit, as expected, when the new site came into production, but it’s been picking up again as cruft is cleared and pages come back. Finished migrating Beth Kimbell’s blog, and am close to having all the posts from Colin Campbell’s moved. The list of new pages on the site has been taken over by repeated “sidebar” links, as I’ve been adding new navigational sidebars to lots of multi-part documents; but it looks amusingly like the same thing listed over and over. There was no mail call last week as I was stuck on the mountain, so nothing new via post; but I should have some fun stuff if I make it to town tomorrow.

Reached over 93 followers for Valentine’s Day on the new Hermetic Library presence on Instagram, which is, of course, arbitrarily appropriate.

Very slowly gaining subscribers to the as yet still nascent email list. Also noticed a few people dropping in to the new Hrmtc Underground voice chat, though I’m not able to hang out there much yet while I’m still on satellite Internet.

This week, I also created an online form so people could submit idea pitches for reviews, stories and articles for the blog. This is something I’ve been hoping to get to eventually. Thanks to the erudite and elegant Patron, Funding and Featured supporters of Hermetic Library and my work, a rank of excellence you could easily join, I’m just about able to afford starting this process! I’ve talked about this a lot as something I wanted to be able to do, and we’re just getting to the point where it will be possible.

Part of this is also thinking how to handle the submission workflow, and I think I’ve got that sorted out in my mind well enough to get things moving smoothly if submissions start rolling in. Whew! Build it, and they will come? I’m ready … I think. Egad, what have I done?!

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