Summary for the week ending Mar 26, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending March 26th, 2017.

Lots of posts to the blog this week, starting out the New Year, Annus V:iii, catching up on the old visual and video pools, which I’d not been keeping up on. Of course, I’ve been trying to move those in-house, but not much participation on those pools on the BBS yet. It takes the wind out of their sails to move them in-house, but one hopes there’s enough interest to keep them going. Honestly not sure if I should just call it done for those, but maybe I’ll give it a little bit more time.

If I weren’t using the BBS for Omnium Gatherum posts and, recently, posting pitches and submissions to the private Patron Lounge, there wouldn’t really be a reason to keep the BBS going. Of course, the importance of having a reason for the forum to exist beyond itself was one thing I contemplated and was intentional about for the BBS.

This week I completely plowed through getting all of the Thelema Coast to Coast pages and audio files back up on the site. Those pages were some that simply didn’t make it through the import process I used (which was a total SNAFU but so be it) so they were in worse shape as a whole than they would’ve been otherwise. I should have all the content back up to snuff, and redirects for all the old media URLs to the new URLs, so all the old links, wherever they appear, should still be fine. I did plow through these quickly, so I may have fumbled while fatigued, but I’ll keep an eye on it and look for anything amiss.

As I was working, I noticed that it was 10 years ago that TCTC was active for a couple of years. With 44 episodes over just a couple years, it sure made a stir; and there’s still a lot of interest in that historic podcast.

I also notice while I was working on these pages that I ran the final automated import for the new site a whole year ago. While I only put the new site into production at the beginning of this year, I actually did that last import back in March 2016, a year ago. From that point on, until the new site was put into production, I was having to maintain two sites, and duplicating all my effort across both for any updates or changes; and it was just super slow going. I really did think it was going to be much faster, and I’d have gotten much further along on clearing the dust and chaos. But, in the end, I just had to put the new site into production in spite of it not being ready.

The new site has been much better for my efforts to maintain and expand the site, and I keep burning the candle at both ends to get all the old content up to standards again while continuing to introduce new materials and improve the whole site beyond where it was before.

Even after a year working on the new site, and putting it into production for 2017, there’s still so much work to do! I definitely enjoy the work, and being of service doing it; but, whenever I stop to survey how much time and effort I put into the site, and through various frustrations and setbacks related to the site and my own life since I took over in 2009 (getting closer and closer to 10 years now! Wow! And wild!) … I wonder just how sane I’ve been and am to have kept going!

Faint gibbering heard from somewhere near the restricted stacks, indeed, amirite?

Here’s an illustration Binding Trump – to The Phantom Zone!! by Suzanne Forbes, a public domain work of art created for the ongoing #BindTrump ritual action started by author Michael M Hughes.

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