Summary for the week ending Apr 16, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending April 16th, 2017.

In addition to ongoing work on the library, this week, for me, has been mostly about getting Postal Exchange boxes ready for supporters (Funding supporters who got the “Let the goat come to you” perk and Patron supporters with the “Postal Exchange” perk and above). The first 6 are done and ready to go! I’ve got quite the assembly line set up and going. The house and library cats have been very curious about it all and jumping in boxes, so hopefully I don’t accidentally ship one of the cats …

Today is also the very first guest post, posting to the blog shortly, from the new pitch and submission process which starts with heading over to submit your Pitch! Special thanks to Funding and Patron supporters for their support and help making this happen. Not only do supporters help provide funds so that I can pay authors for these new posts, but Patrons with access to the private Patron Lounge on the BBS are able to take part in the submissions process.

There’s a lot of ways to participate, not the least of which is the new submission process. Consider also participating on the BBS forums or send in something for the Zine!

This month, I ask you to take a few minutes to answer a few questions about what the library means to you, how you use it, and so forth. Your answers will help me improve the library, for you and everyone, and you will also have for a chance to win a gratis download for an anthology album!

Here’s a summary of posts on the blog from last week

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Want to write for Hermetic Library? Submit your Pitch! Be sure to check out the actual Hermetic Library, and all the ways you can participate at the library and support the work.