Summary for the week ending May 21, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending May 21st, 2017.

The Hermetic Library 2017 Funding Campaign is still going, and it runs through to the end of the month. This hasn’t been as popular this year as it was last time, but there’s some great perks available only during this campaign, including featured blog and website link and graphic spaces at significant discounts and that stay up for a full year. Plus other fun stuff to be had, which hasn’t been picked up, like the one day mini conference, which would be crazy fun to pull together. Check that out and see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy, and join the campaign, which helps keep all the fun at the library going through the year for another year.

I’m starting to get ready for the next Hermetic Library anthology, Magick Music and Ritual 13. I’ll be posting the call for submissions for both the Hermetic Library and Odd Order anthologies next month, so I’ve got to get post and pages and everything ready for that.

The other day I noticed there were a bunch of people that had created accounts on the Hrmtc Underground voice chat server while I wasn’t paying attention. Seeing there are actually people there makes me want to do something soon. I’m still stuck on satellite for Internet, so it’s not been possible to do “open office hours” while I work on the site yet. The idea was that I’d sit in voice chat while working on the site, which is most days, from early morning until afternoon. Other ideas were to have call in talk shows or presentations, which I think would be fun, and I could record so there’d be an archive of them. Lots of ideas of what could happen, and knowing there are people interested has had me thinking more about how to make that a thing.

I’d love to do another Zine or Reader’s Theatre is people want to send in things for that. Once I’ve got enough material for either, I’ll put it together. Although I previously had put Reader’s Theatre up on the library Soundcloud, and since I’ve left that service after they killed groups, I have to figure out how best to present the next one; perhaps as a podcast within this blog.

Although the Funding Campaign hasn’t been going well this year, so it’ll be more difficult to do than I’d hoped, I’ve been thinking about posting a “job description” for assistant librarians. Basically, I’m thinking these would be volunteer positions, but with a paid honorarium, not a job-job but not nothing, right? The idea is to finally start to Find The Others who would be willing and able to help out with content, communication, curation and creation at the library on the site, blog, BBS, and voice chat. If you think you’d be interested, let me know. One of the first things you could do to get ready for that opportunity is head over to the BBS and become active enough there so you gain automatic access to the “trust level 3” lounge. Or, something else! Get in touch and let me know what you’re interested in doing to help out.

And, don’t forget! You can submit your idea pitches for articles, reviews, stories, or soever for the library blog and actually, thanks to all the Funding and Patron supporters, get paid for those when they are posted!

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