Summary for the week ending Jun 4, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending June 4th, 2017.

This week I announced the call for submissions for Magick Music and Ritual 13, the next Hermetic Library anthology, for 2017. I’ve also posting the call for submissions for GIT COMMIT GLITCH, the 2017 Odd Order anthology which you might check out.

Call for Submissions for Magick Music and Ritual 13

Of course the best way to get anthology albums is to become a Patron today! All Patrons get gratis download codes for new anthologies, and new Patrons get a gratis download for any previously released anthology. That’s two whole albums for just $1/mo!

Speaking of patronage, have you heard about the $10 Revolution? Consider pledging to set aside $10/month to support 10 different creators with $1 each. Then, spread the word to others about the revolution!

Send in your wild and wooly whatever occultura and esoterrata for the Zine and record something from the library site, or something reasonably related, for Reader’s Theatre. I’ll put out the next installment of those when I’ve got enough material. I haven’t been able to create either of these this year yet. I’d love to be able to, so send in your material!

Don’t forget! You can also become a paid guest on the library blog! Submit your idea pitches for articles, reviews, stories, or soever. Special thanks to all the Funding and Patron supporters for help creating a budget for these when they are posted!

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