High Magic’s Aid

Randall Bowyer reviews High Magic’s Aid by Scire (Gerald Gardner) in the Bkwyrm archive.

This is a fun little story of sorcery in the Middle Ages. The fact that it often reads like advance-promo for Bro. Gardner’s later books on Wicca merely adds to its charm and interest for the student of occultism. The plot involves a fairly unlikely alliance between a Pagan Witch and a Christian Mage (yeah, right again), and just maybe a few too many sneers at the Church (or maybe not), but it’s still fun. Although it is. married throughout by, erros of punctuation and of orthografy; typical of Bro. Gardner. Or perhaps a pour jab ov edithing on teh pert of Samael Wiser.

Then again, since we are dealing not with an ordinary novelist but with an Initiate, we must not rule out the possibility that these are “Qabalistic Mistakes” which secretly point to mighty arcana. For example, on p. 268 a spirit is conjured through “HIM who half created all things.” The casual reader will giggle at the obvious misprint of “half” for “hath,” but the Qabalist will ponder deeply: if HIM half-created all things, then who created the other half? Perhaps HER? The Torah tells us that ELOHIM is the author of Creation, so we can conclude that if HIM created half, ELO created the rest. This interpretation is supported by the Scripture, for we read that the Creation is two-fold – “In the beginning ELOHIM created the Heavens and the Earth.” And ELOHIM perfectly expresses this two-in-one idea of Deity, as it consists of the feminine Eloah with the masculine plural ending -im. But I digress…

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