Summary for the week ending Jun 18, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending June 18th, 2017.

You may recall a while ago that I sort of accidentally on-purpose deleted the old CafePress shop for the library, where I had some shirts and stickers. You might not recall that, either the shop, because, well, no one went there anyway, or that I deleted it, because, well, no one missed it when it was gone, even me.

The shirts were too expensive even though I had my cut set to only $1, so really I was just working for CafePress for free, and there was shipping added to each, which came out to be, like, $30 per shirt. Insane, and rightly only a couple of people other than me bought any. (I actually wore my swag shirt out completely threadbare.)

But, I vaguely looked around for alternatives for a bit, considering the idea of starting up a new shop somewhere else.

One of the alternatives I checked out was Merch by Amazon (Hey, hey, thanks for the suggestion, Kane!). I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get accepted, since it looked like something for much bigger and more active swag game than I bring to the table. However, my application actually had a successful result.

It is only for offering designs on shirts, so I set up a four to start. Frankly the byzantine and Kafkaesque design approval process is a pain, so two of four designs were rejected for reasons which are not at all clear to me yet, other than I’m pretty sure they’re confused and externalizing their confusion on me to deal with. But, even still, that means there’s two that did make it online! Here they are! In a variety of colours!

They only stay online if people buy them, so I’ll add additional designs over time to replace these as they retire. That also means you’ve got to get them while they are available, if you want them.

However, in many ways this is a huge improvement. The designs are printed on premium shirts, but are half as expensive as the old shop. Also, if you’ve got Prime, there’s no shipping costs added. Although there’s rumours Merch will be opened in the UK, unfortunately for now it’s US only. All in all, in spite of a few sad trombones, a lot better that before.

There’s also pages for each of these two, and many more posters, on the site, most with a bunch of interesting relevant quotes, if people ask you for more information.

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