Summary for the week ending Jul 9, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending July 9th, 2017.

Lots of work, mostly focused on the site, this week. But, I’d mentioned previously the new options for pages in languages other than English, and I did a big push to add some Gérard Encausse materials in the original French and translated to English. I haven’t seen his work available online before, except there are some French language PDFs that appear some places, some of which seem to have disappeared.

I worked on transcribing and translating the first couple resources of many to come. You can check out the start of pages for Encausse’s French language Traité Méthodique de Science Occulte and the English translation Methodical Treatise on Occult Science. I’ve only gotten through the front matter, preface and introduction so far, but I think that will give you an idea of how awesome this could become.

I should note that I have what I think is a peculiar taste in translation. I am always bothered when translations use completely different words, with completely different roots, and scrambled structures from the originals. So, you will find that I’ve tried to stay very close to the feel of the original French language in my English rendition. I think it is great to be able to feel the same flow of language as the original author’s source material instead of something written as if the destination rendition was the author’s native language. Perhaps you’ll agree with me on how that feels better. Or not.

However, there’s so much work that can be done along these lines that there’s really no way I’ll make fast progress on these translation efforts. There’s room for many people that are interested in working on a language mirror, who can have a login to some or all of a language namespace to add mirrors of existing documents on the English site. Other documents, such as those that originate in the language, like these Encausse materials in French or Pessoa’s Mensagem (apparently the only work of his to appear originally?!) in Portuguese, but don’t yet appear in English, can be added and then translated into English as well.

Like I needed more work, right? And, let’s be completely honest: I’m punching way above my weight-class by attacking a project of transcribing French and then translating to English. I’m nowhere near even close to being fluent in French. But, fortune favours the bold, eh, wot? C’est vrai, non?

Well, there it is anyway, proof of concept for now, given how only the smallest bit of progress has been made, but still I think and feel it very awesome to be able to offer these materials at all, even if it takes forever to realize a full work transcribed and translated!

If you watch the recent changes on the front page or subscribe to the RSS, you’ll also have noticed some other completely new material as well as a lot of the ongoing updates and fixing import cruft that I’m up to full time already.

I keep burning the candle at both ends, adding new material and improving the old.

So much to do! But also so much progress! Huzzah!

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