Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Nothing by One (Charles Stansfeld Jones), edited and introduced by Michael Kolson.

Nothing is an essay on practical mysticism by Charles Robert Stansfeld Jones (here credited as “One”), a pupil and one-time magical heir of Aleister Crowley. Jones eventually came to style himself as “the world’s greatest living qabalist.” Although there are no overt references to Thelemic doctrine in this short work, which was recovered from the archives of the Universal Brotherhood (a.k.a. M, a.k.a. Mahachakra Society, a.k.a. Integral Fellowship), the general philosophical vector is consistent with what Crowley would later characterize in Magick Without Tears as the “White School of Magick,” of which Thelema is supposed to be the modern expression. The practical elements further clearly rely on Crowley’s interpretation of yoga discipline as outlined in Liber E and Part I of Book Four.

Nothing is addressed to a generic aspirant and avoids sectarianism and technical language, and is thus comparable to Jones’ later piece “Stepping Out of the Old Aeon Into the New,” which was published in The Equinox. If you get one of the 165 copies of this new edition from Night of Pan Books, you can then say that you have Nothing. Perhaps it will even be the case that you appreciate Nothing. For myself, although parts are obscure or clumsy, on the whole, I would dare to say that I understand Nothing. [via]