Sorcery As Virtual Mechanics

Bkwyrm reviews Sorcery As Virtual Mechanics by Stephen Mace in the Bkwyrm archive.

I really enjoyed this. It’s not that often that I run across a book that talks about magick in relation to science and doesn’t get bogged down with either topic. There’s enough science and quantum theory to make this an interesting introduction to sorcery and magick for someone coming from that perspective, but the science is not so complicated that it leaves those of us gifted with liberal arts educations and mindsets gasping in the dust of equations. Even people familiar with either the scientific or magical theories will find this work enjoyable – Mace covers an admirable amount of material in a short number of pages, leaves the reader to form his or her own conclusions, and encourages the reader to incorporate the ideas brought forth in the book into actual practice and personal theory.

The book includes a brief bibliography that ranges from the Liber AL to Richard Feynman to Carl Jung to A.O. Spare.