Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Superman: Action Comics, Vol 2: Bulletproof by Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, &al.

Morrison Morales Bulletproof

Although this second collection of the new Superman Action Comics still sports a cover byline for Grant Morrision and Rags Morales, the contents are the work of a larger mix of creators. Ben Oliver supplied art for some Morrison stories, and the writer-artist team of Scholly Fisch and Cully Hammer contributed pieces both in the main narrative plot-line and on Earth 23, where a black Superman has the “secret identity” of US President Calvin Ellis. Hammer’s art reminds me pleasantly of that of Howard Chaykin.

There is less of a linear, serial plot in this collection, although the stories are all clearly tied together in a larger continuity. One of the most significant developments is the death of Clark Kent, as Superman sheds that persona in favor of the firefighter Johnny Clark. Although it becomes clear that this change is temporary, the status quo ante is not restored in this volume.

I might have it in me to read a third one of these volumes before my current interest in Superman wanes. [via]