By the Light of the Green Star

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews By the Light of the Green Star by Lin Carter.

In the third Green Star installment, Lin Carter seems to have hit his groove. He maintains two parallel plot lines, alternating between them with a series of cliffhangers. The pacing is fast, with short chapters like those of the previous volumes. The end was not quite as much a cliffhanger as the previous book, but it was a big downer, heavy on dramatic irony and inconclusive. I liked Roy Krenkel’s illustrations better than the ones by Luis Dominguez in the prior book.

This leg of the story really showed its Barsoomian literary genealogy, introducing both chthonic and aerial sub-races of the Green Star world’s humanoids. Reading the glossary appendix that recapped the heroes and monsters of the first three books, it occurred to me that the world of the Green Star would make an excellent milieu for a tabletop fantasy role-playing game: distinctive, varied, and easily appreciated as a setting for heroic adventure. [via]