The Cauldron of Change

Bkwyrm reviews The Cauldron of Change: Myths, Mysteries and Magick of the Goddess by De-Anna Alba in the Bkwyrm archive.

Alba The Cauldron of Change

Dianic Wicca. “Thealogy”, ethics, magic, tools, groups, ritual construction, and actual rituals. Systematic explanation of what Dianic Wicca is and how it works, with information about why people join Dianic Wicca. An interesting introduction to the Dianic trad, and it contains enough rituals to give the reader a feel for what Dianics actually do. However, these rituals are really elaborate and should be read with the understanding that this is pretty formal stuff for Dianics, not necessarily what they do in a weekly circle. Short bibliography contains some pretty interesting works.

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