Summary for the week ending Aug 5, 2018

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending August 5th, 2018.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks at the library because I’ve been having technical issues with my primary computer. I’ve been working through trying to figure out what was going on, literally testing everything, just trying to isolate the fault that has made it unusable. I’ve got it finally 100% isolated to a hardware fault, and, amazingly, whilst stressing out about how I can’t afford to replace or fix it, I discovered that I actually have 1 week left of my extended support contract! This will be the 3rd time I’ve had a machine that has gone haywire and an extended service contract has saved my bacon. Well, my bacon isn’t saved quite yet. I’m travelling 2 hours each way tomorrow morning to take my machine in to the closest service center. I have high hopes that all will return to working order shortly, but, whew! I’d call it luck, but really, since I had to pay for the extra support contract, it’s foresight. But, either way, that’s a bright light in troubling times. Am I right?

I’ve actually thought about this idea for years, as something I’d like to do at some point. Perhaps now is the time? Let me describe to you my idea for, shall we say, an Hermetic Library Vade Mecum.

What if I built a little portable box, which contained a local copy of the entire Hermetic Library, and all the PDFs, digital publications, and every track from the music anthologies for $666 … and offered gratis annual updates with everything new for as long as I am librarian?

“Vade mecum” is a Latin term literally meaning “go with me” and was historically a book that one carried with them everywhere so it could be consulted easily at hand, usually small and portable, and that fit in a pocket. And, it’s both suitable and funny for this idea!

Not only would it be awesome to have, just because; but, this would be a complete package with the entire site, plus all anthologies, & more, annual updates, NAS server in a custom case, and helps support the library. It would be portable and private, so you could take it anywhere, plug it in, and there’d be a private network to connect to so you could read and share the contents. It’d also be secure from a loss of net neutrality, packet sniffing observation over the Internet, and a great way to have access to everything distributed to people who want it and can share it in case of some disaster that takes us all back to dial-up or worse. Also, by having several of these distributed in the wild, that would be a great form of back-up for the library in case something were to happen to me that made it difficult or impossible to keep going. I’m thinking distributed disaster recovery here, as well as creating something super spiffy.

Technically, it’d probably be a Raspberry Pi, with networking and storage. With some nifty custom designed case. Network attached storage and also web server to provide the local copy? Maybe with a DAC to play the anthology to any speakers you wanted? Something cool like that. Something like a PirateBox, “a portable electronic device, often consisting of a Wi-Fi router and a device for storing information, creating a wireless network that allows users who are connected to share files anonymously and locally.” But, I’d put it in a cool custom case, maybe even special commissioned designs, and then keep it filled with all the great content from all the Hermetic Library projects!

You know, if at least 10 people would commit to this idea by pre-ordering one, I’d make ’em. If 10 people would pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign, I could get all the supplies I need and have the ability to focus on making it happen. And, they’d be really awesome, and only get better with every update. What do you think? Are you, or someone you know, interested and able to commit? I’m making a list. If you know that you want one, let me know!

Don’t forget that I announced the call for submissions to Hermetic Library’s anthology album for 2018, Magick, Music and Ritual 14! The first submission has arrived, so it has begun!

Hermetic Library Anthology 2018 Magick Music Ritual Call for Submissions

Still looking for help and others to join me in a working community around the library, of course.

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