Summary for the week ending Sept 2, 2018

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending September 2nd, 2018.

This last week, I discovered that posting to the Hermetic Library page on Facebook wasn’t working. As I investigated what happened, I discovered I was locked out of posting for a bit over a day because I’m a page with potential for “high reach” until I enabled 2fA and confirmed my location in the world.

Yeah, so I couldn’t figure out why posts were failing until I logged into Fb for the first time in, what? A month? (Partially because of the computer issues I’ve been having, but also, why go to there, really?) And, oh. I see. I have too many followers, who never see my posts anyway because I can’t and won’t give $ to boost, and Fb thinks I might be eRasputin.

(Seriously, I guess they really don’t know I’m just a tau robe filled with a bunch of cats hiding under a desk in the restricted section of a magical library?!)

Anyhow, everything is fixed and back to normal over there.

But, as an aside, just another reminder that relying on a closed garden like Facebook isn’t a good idea. If the history of platforms on the Internet shows, time and time again: one should always have their own blog and website, and use social media as an enhancement to that where it makes sense, not to place those owned spaces at the center or as the only part of one’s online presence. There’s no guarantees those owned platforms will continue to exist, or that they won’t alter the terms of their agreements in onerous or heinous ways. As happens. Over and over again. Treat walled gardens as dead ends that go at the end of your communication process, to which information should flow, not the center from which information flow starts; especially if you are, like me, doing things on your own and don’t have the ability to be a full-time unpaid content intern for those large corporations, functionally-employed, without benefits and at-will. Okay, enough said.

Switching to more happy and fun news, a package from Hermetic Library Anthology Artist Mustafa al-Laylah with Postal Exchange and Publication Subscription perks has arrived!

Hermetic Library Postal Exchange Publication Subscription Mustafa al Laylah August 2018

I will be preparing that to go out in the next week or two to ongoing Patrons with Postal Exchange and Publication Subscription perks through August. If you want in on the next Postal Exchange or Publication Subscription mailing, head over and help make the magick happen!

Don’t forget September 30th is the deadline the call for submissions to Hermetic Library’s anthology album for 2018, Magick, Music and Ritual 14! If you were waiting, now’s the time to send those in! Really, this time in the process is always so stressful, as I never know if things will come together until they do, usually at the last minute. But, there’s a month left! Only. And now’s the time to get on it!

Hermetic Library Anthology 2018 Magick Music Ritual Call for Submissions

Still looking for help and others to join me in a working community around the library, of course.

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