Summary for two weeks ending Mar 24th, 2019

Here’s a summary of activity for two weeks ending March 24, 2019.

I’m working on two new promotions. I’m still trying to get some final details sorted, so I’m not sure which I’ll be doing; but, I’m going to start one of them up for the month of April. This will be similar to the previous, but will go for the entire month. Then, whichever I don’t do in April should be ready for May.

By the by, May is the month of the anniversary of my birth. I’ll be 50 this year! Also, later this year, in September, will have been 10 years that I’ve been Librarian of Hermetic Library. Wild, and funny. All I want for my birthday is a bunch more Patrons so I can keep doing all this and do more. Become a Patron so I can send you gifts for my birthday!

I’ve got digital files for a chapbook of poetry that was sent to me and I’m hoping to share with Patrons with the Publication Subscription perk. I’m not finished figuring out how to do production on that, but when I’ve got that sorted I’ll be preparing them and getting them in the post. Getting something sorted has been a bit delayed, but, either way, I’m hoping to have this or another thing ready to post soon.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with the Zine. It’s been too long since an issue, and I don’t seem to be getting submissions for inside and cover that I feel I need to make another one happen. As I’ve been posting the call for submissions every month for far too long, I’ve started to think about how I could do things differently; do things in a way that doesn’t require that I have a full set of submissions before getting things out. What I’m thinking about is moving submissions for the zine to a mailing list. That would make the zine a kind of ongoing and rolling release, instead of something that ended up sitting on the back burner for months and months. My current plan is to link the mailing list to patronage, probably as part of the Research Topics perk.

I’m also thinking that I might move participation in the overall submissions process from the BBS perk also to the Research Topics perk. That would change the BBS perk a little bit, but still leave its core perkiness. But, this would also increase the overall value of the Research Topics perk, and start to bring together more researchiness in the mix, with articles, essays, and submissions, along with the previous, and kind of lonely, perk of suggesting research topics to add to the list of calls for submissions. I think this makes a lot of sense to have all these things together. I’ll do a little more thinking, and consider the options for mailing list integrations, but probably will start doing this in the next month or two.

Still looking for help and others to join me in a working community around the library, of course.

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