Mad Moon of Dreams

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Mad Moon of Dreams by Brian Lumley.

Lumley Mad Moon of Dreams

The third of Lumley’s dreamlands novels has something of the flavor of superhero team-up to it. In particular, it seems that all of the villains of the dreamlands have formed a Legion of Doom in order to be avenged on its heroes. These books are not big on “character development” anyway (as neither are actual dreams), but this one does even less than its predecessors. As superhero comics eventually became notorious for doing, this novel “kills” its protagonists in a non-final sort of way. I was relieved that a threatened cross-over with Lumley’s Titus Crow stories did not manifest!

The division of the book into three 10-chapter parts was pretty artificial, and the plot does not reach any sort of plateau in between them. Moreover, the “epilogue” is really the thirty-first chapter, without which it would have been a very different book.

Oh, and David Hero gets naked again.