Summary for two weeks ending May 19th, 2019

Here’s a summary of activity for two weeks ending May 19, 2019.

Big news this last two weeks is that I spent an entire week migrating everything to new servers, including one fully 12 hour day, and other grueling and worrying staged step-by-step days along the way. That’s totally behind the scenes stuff for the most part, so I’ll spare lots of the details, but the site should be noticeably faster, and several issues with indexes and searches should be resolved.

Server migrations, all things considered, are not the worst thing in the world, but, damn, y’all, it sure seems like the worst thing in the world whilst you’re doing it.

The new server is Abraxas and is dedicated to the library proper, by itself. I also migrated a bunch of things to server Buer, which is where the library blog and other things reside, and is steadily handling the additional load. Stolas, the server for the BBS, which took over from Barbelith a while back, is doing fine, thank you very much. There’s also another new server, Marbas, which is a place for other stuff I was still hosting for others, and not properly something library things runs on. Anyhow, everything seems happy and all are humming along so far.

Huzzah! And, whew!

In other news, this week thunderstorms caused a blackout at here at Hermetic Library HQ, but only long enough for me to fix lunch and then pull out enough candles to last at least a full month (I exaggerate, but only a little) … and, just an hour later, power was back. Though Internet was out for a bit longer. Slightly disappointed.

Everything gets so very nice, calm, and quiet when power goes out; with no buzzing, beeping or humming. Definitely advocate for “power down days” in general.

On the other hand, on the bright side I didn’t have to try to eat everything in my fridge before the end of the next day, and I briefly got re-acquainted with my massive CD collection whilst the power was back, but Internet still down.

Holy moly rock n’ roly! It’s only a few days until I post the call for submissions to Magick, Music and Ritual 15! Are you ready?!

By the by, as a reminder, May is the month of the anniversary of my birth. I’ll be 50 this year! Also, later this year, in September, will have been 10 years that I’ve been Librarian of Hermetic Library. Wild, and funny, both milestones will occur this year. All I want for my birthday and anniversary is a bunch more Patrons so I can keep doing all this and do more. Become a Patron so I can send you gifts for my birthday!

Still looking for help and others to join me in a working community around the library, of course.

Lots of new pages and work on old pages on the site, which is pretty much every week, really. You can always check the front page of the site which shows the most recent changes and new pages, or check out the Recent Changes special page for a full list.

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