Omnium Gatherum: May 30, 2019

An irregular hodgepodge of links gathered together … Omnium Gatherum for May 30, 2019

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  • The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn. Volume 1. Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabitha Cicero, & al., due June, from Kerubim Press

    Cicero Kerubim Press The Light Extended volume 1

    “Taking its name from the rituals of the Order of the Golden Dawn, this journal aims to extend the light through information, offering a combination of unpublished original order documents and new material from prominent voices in the esoteric world today. With a unique mix of scholarly articles and practical advice, this book provides an essential resource for those interested in the Golden Dawn system of magic.

    Topics include the Qlippoth, Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, the Lord of the Universe, a Stella Matutina Ritual for Influencing a Person for Good, the Body of Light, the 42 Assessors, Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi, Skrying, Thelema’s relationship with the Golden Dawn, the Assumption of Godforms, a Fire Tablet Ritual, and the Enochian letters.

    With contributions from: Chic Cicero and S. Tabatha Cicero, Samuel Scarborough, Frater YShY, Tony Fuller, Jayne Gibson, Adam P. Forrest, Soror DPF, Alex Sumner, Frater D, M. Isidora Forrest, Darcy Küntz, and Frater Yechidah.”

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  • The Yazidis’ Secret Children” — BBC News

    “It is estimated that 80% of the Yazidi women rescued from the dying days of the so-called Islamic State have had children with their jihadi captors.

    They were kidnapped from the the Yazidi community five years ago, but are not allowed to return until they abandon their children born during IS-captivity.

    Over the last year, BBC Persian correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard has been following the story of one of these Yazidi women, forced to choose between her child and her community.”

  • Yazidi women struggle to return to daily life after enduring Islamic State brutality” — PBS NewsHour

    “Yazidi women, who were sold as sex slaves by Islamic State militants, are now returning to their families from formerly ISIS-controlled territories. Special correspondent Jane Ferguson visits the Yazidi religious community in Iraq to hear the stories of these survivors and what they are doing to move on with their lives.”

  • Creating the magical womb” — Brandy Williams, Star & Snake; about Williams’ own Star Garnet ritual

    “The ritual of the Star Garnet creates an energy container. It uses the Greek term ‘delphus’ to describe this. The Greek city of Delphi contained the omphalos or pivot of the world. In this context the delphus or magical womb is the pivot in the human energy body.

    This operation does not require the magician to be any physical gender or have a physical womb, anyone can engage in the operation. There are numerous benefits to an operation which provides a delphus to bodies of every gender. It places the power to direct the operation in the hands of the operator. Sex magick binaries often include the idea of an active and a passive partner; this operation assumes each magician as active. Some sex magick directs the benefit of an operation with a partner to just one of the partners, usually but not always the male partner, while the Star Garnet directly benefits the operator.

    I have been performing this operation for twenty years. About five years ago I started talking about it and have taught it around the U.S. The Star Garnet is rooted in the Western Magical Tradition and is fairly new, but it is a member of a magical family of operations that women and men have performed around the world for thousands of years. It is a nurturing and effective operation for physical and spiritual renewal. It explicitly acknowledges that the power to renew ourselves lies within all of us in every physical and subtle body.”

  • “America Lodge No. 55 Freemasonry for Women” Making History on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery” — Lou P Elias, PR release [HT Gregory B Stewart]

    “On Memorial Day at 4:00 PM at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington national Cemetery, America Lodge No. 57 of Women Freemasons made its first public appearance in honor of the women in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the United States and Freedom.”

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  • Book review: Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal And The Soul, by Harry Freedman — Stuart Kelly, The Scotsman; a review of Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and the Soul by Harry Freedman

    Freedman Kabbalah

    “There is something indisputably glorious about the kind of book that can take in Paracelsus, Moses Maimonides, Ramon Llull, author of the The Great Art and mystical engineer, Count Pico della Mirandola, Isaac Newton, the angel Metatron, the strange and tragic uprising of Shabbetai Tzvi, who thought he was the Messiah and yet converted to Islam, the golem of Prague, Aleister Crowley, Madonna (the singer, rather than the Blessed Virgin) and Princess Eugenie.”