Summary for two weeks ending June 2nd, 2019

Here’s a summary of activity for two weeks ending June 2, 2019.

New servers continue to hum along. I’ve seen much increased performance across the site since the migration, and that’s fantastic. It really was getting bad there in a number of ways, and this new server is so much better! The stress and pain of moving seems to have been completely worth it.

A stack of The Essadi Emissary newsletter from the Mahmoud Memorial Itinerant Temple, currently in Thailand, arrived at the library, and I’ve got those ready to head out to Patrons with the Postal Exchange perk, as of the end of May, and will be sent via post this week.

The Essadi Emissary Postal Exchange May 2019

This last week I also announced the call for submissions to Magick, Music and Ritual 15, the Hermetic Library Anthology Album for 2019. Every year, to be honest, feels special, and these are one of the highlights of my year; but, this year, is the 50th anniversary of my birth and the 10th year I’ve been Librarian of Hermetic Library. I feel like this issue of the anthology is really a celebration for me of all that’s happened to get to this point, all the hard work, all the setbacks, all the successes. It’s been, as they say, a long strange trip. I hope the journey with the library continues another 10 years!

Hermetic Library Anthology 2019 Magick Music and Ritual 15 Call for Submissions

I already had one submission, which arrived before the call posted, so I hope that bodes well for participation this year!

Another small milestone is the 5 year anniversary of Hrmtc Underground BBS. I talk about that and a little bit of shuffling of categories in a post to Meta. BBS still doesn’t have a critical mass necessary for a thriving community, but it does serve several purposes, not the least of which is as a discussion area for posts on the Hermetic Library blog.

The fact that the BBS has an ongoing purpose has had me thinking a bit more about the Chat server I’ve been running for a while. I’m thinking of closing that down. It isn’t really being used much and just doesn’t serve a purpose. I had fun ideas for the voice chat space that would have been self-sufficient reasons to exist but those never panned out. But, to be fair, there’s more activity there now, comparatively, than there has been. So, I’ve struggled over whether to give it more time.

Ultimately, I suppose it could continue as a space for chit chat, but pretty much anything that the chat server is doing right now can be done on the BBS. The only truly unique thing is the ability to do voice chat, which I’d always hoped would become a space for live conferences, presentations, interviews, classes, and soever. But, I’m coming to realise that just isn’t going to happen, as I tried in the past to facilitate and encourage in the past but haven’t tried to do again. I think I should focus on the BBS.

To be clear, I’m not concerned about popularity, but the purpose of the place to the overall mission of the library. I mean, let’s be honest: if popularity were my goal, then I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

So, I think, unless I’m convinced otherwise, I will be closing the chat server at the end of June and encouraging everyone there to head over to the BBS instead! The BBS is where it’s at! Long live the BBS!

Hermetic Library Hrmtc Underground BBS

Still looking for help and others to join me in a working community around the library, of course.

Lots of new pages and work on old pages on the site, which is pretty much every week, really. You can always check the front page of the site which shows the most recent changes and new pages, or check out the Recent Changes special page for a full list.

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