Skee Goedhart Mercury Winged Angel Goddess

Mercury by Skee Goedhart is a colorful, dimensional fiberglass art piece with esoteric symbolism from The Key of Solomon.

48″ x 60″
acrylic and gold leaf on fiberglass

This amazing, one of a kind art work is a dimensional painting. It hangs on the wall but rises out more than 8 inches from it in certain places. Then entire image was created out of a single piece of fiberglass. It weighs over 65 pounds.


On The Left Hand: The Third Pentacle of Mercury.
This and the following serve to invoke the Spirits subject unto Mercury; and especially those who are written in this Pentacle; Kokaviel, Ghedoriah, Savaniah and Chokmahiel.

On The Right Hand: The Fourth Pentacle of Mercury.
This is further proper to acquire the understanding and Knowledge of all things created and seek out and penetrate into hidden things; and to command those Spirits which are called Allatori to perform embassies. They obey very readily.

This series of work was produced in the late 90’s, early 2000. The creation of these pieces was extremely complex. Semi-full body castings were taken of live models using dental alginate. Liquid plasticine was poured into the negative alginate molds. When hardened these plasticine parts were assembled upon a large sheet of Mylar and additional elements were added (i.e. wings and headpieces). A 5 inch thick layer of silicone was then poured over the entire image, creating a final, negative mold. Liquid and gauze fiberglass was then placed into the silicone mold giving me the final product. From each silicone ‘mother mold’ I was usually able to create 3 – 4 pieces before the mold fell apart. The final, fiberglass casting was then painted (acrylic, oil, enamel and gold leaf).

For additional interesting information about this art, including about the model and additional images, go to the page about this piece. For more by this artist, head over to Skee Goedhart Fine Art.