Hermetic Library Newsletter #2

How to order a pizza in Thelema

So, yeah. That happened.

Newsletter created, old (shh! let’s pretend that didn’t ever happen) newsletter subscribers imported, first (yeah, yeah, technically: new) newsletter sent. And now a second issue.

Well, this is a real thing that is actually happening now!

How to order a pizza in Thelema

First, perform the LBRP

Then, decide what size (“But exceed! exceed!”) and shape (○=□) of pizza order to make … uh oh. We’ve got a schism already! And, we’ve come up with a new heresy! Huzzah!

At some point we’re going to have to decide whether this pizza is going to Fill us or Kill us

Fill Me Kill Me Tablet
Aum! Let it Fkill Me!

Has anyone asked yet if Aiwass is allergic to anchovies? If not, we’d better start that operation now … or we’ll be here until the NEXT Aeon.

Does anyone know the apostolic succession of this pepperoni?

Was the meat from a caged or a free-range wandering bishop?

From the local valley or another jurisdiction?

Are these pizza pies of light fresh or do they have burnt ash of another pizza, in accordance with policy in the EGC manual?

When you vouch for the pizza chef as making good pie, can you be more specific about their culinary silsila back to Crowley’s pizza recipe?

Has the guard tested their degree of culinary skill before letting them in the kitchen?

… and on, and on …

Unicursal Pizza 666px
The only correct way to slice pizza. Fight me.

Conferring secrets

Turns out that for decades there’s been a missing line in the translation of the Golden Dawn cipher manuscript at the library.

Folio 12 missing line
This line on the cipher manuscript was missing!

Absolutely amusingly, the missing line in the translation of page 12 is:

H. confers secrets

Hahahah! That’s kind of perfect for a line that got missed for so long, don’t you think? Over the years I’ve fixed a few things with the cipher pages, but that one is probably the most amusing.

Anyhow it’s fixed now.

I wonder how long it will take all the sites that have copied their work from Hermetic Library to correct their versions?

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The Shower Maidens—Once there were seven sisters which are now well-known to farmers as the “Shower Maidens”.

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The Smith of Mitterbach—Many, many years ago there was a smith living in Mitterbach who was bad at maintaining his household and lost all his money to drinking and gambling.

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