Mirror Moon Ascending

Mirror Moon Ascending [Yukito Okazaki Re-Mix] (月鏡)
[Written and Arranged by S. Shah/Y. Yasui/Chihiro]

Blasting Rod:
S. Shah スティーブン: guitar/voice/percussion/☿
Yoshihiro Yasui 安井義博: bass guitar/percussion/☿
Chihiro: drums/percussion/♂

Additional Musicians:
Mark Hardy: keyboards

Produced by S. Shah
Executive Producer: Chihiro

Recorded by
Yoshikazu “Dabo” Tanaka for Paradise Kappa
Norihiro Nakamura at Studio Dubreel,
Mark Hardy on Pope John Paul II Drive, Chicago

Mixed and Mastered by Yukito Okazaki at Studio Zen

Shah initiated the work of Blasting Rod in July 2006 e.v., keeping the project active as an improvised collective until it settled into a power trio performing pre-written compositions in 2013 e.v. Three years later Chihiro was consecrated as The Office of Babalon with Shah at the Feast of the Gods, and Blasting Rod’s first limited edition CD was released on their own Low&Slow.Disk label. In 2018 e.v. bassist Yoshihiro Yasui (Crocodile Bambie/Outrage) replaced Shunji Miyoshi who departed to join Japanese metal stalwarts, Crowley. A live CD titled Blasting Rod II was released in the summer of V iv. The group’s first LP, in collaboration with southern California label Glory or Death Records, was released late in Vv. Work is currently underway on a new album projected for release sometime during the year Vvii. Tracks for The Hermetic Library’s Magick, Music, and Ritual 16 have been specially mixed and mastered by Yukito Okazaki (Eternal Elysium) at Studio Zen, Nagoya, Japan from recordings made during sessions for the upcoming album and are heard for the first time on this anthology.

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Magick Music and Ritual 16 The Hermetic Library Anthology Album for 2021, Sun in Sagittarius, An Vvii