Swansong was the result of a meditation whilst watching swans in Norfolk. It has no ritual purpose, but I have sometimes used it as an aid to a certain state of relaxed awareness. It was recorded live on an electric guitar sent through a Digitek Digital Signal Processor, set to 1.8 seconds delay. So far as I can remember, it was recorded sometime in 1996.

Recorded in mono and at 44.1kHz.

Music is the auditory manifestation of something much bigger, something Other, the true nature of which is impossible to divine from its appearance on this plane as a feeble morse-code of pitch and duration. Too huge to hear, constrained by the limits of language, it is trying to say much more than our current vocabulary allows. My development as a practitioner has led me to use Music as a Gnostic tool with which to divine its true nature – the Secret Identity of Music – an ongoing task for over thirty years.

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