A Nice Cup of Dee

A Nice Cup Of Dee
(Fokas, Kariotis, Loftiss, Romaliadis, Trench)

From the philosophical musings of John Dee, astrologer to her majesty Queen Elizabeth the First of England; “All my tomorrows for a handful of dust”.

Appearing on this track: Nikos Fokas, Giorgos Kariotis, R. Loftiss, Stelios Romaliadis, Alan Trench.

Black Lesbian Fishermen are an ambient/drone/experimental collective immersed in the teachings of the hidden masters and the exploration of tsipouro and tsipoura. They are:

Nikos Fokas (Gr)
Keyboards, Treatments
Wants to die like Giordano Bruno; with his tongue imprisoned for his wicked words

R Loftiss (USA)
Bowed Guitar, Vox, Glass Flute, Synth
Believes that, in the end, talking animals will lead us home by the light of the moon

Stratis Sgourelis (Gr)
Bass, Treatments
Has been on a Jazz Odyssey and sacrificed a bull to Charalambos

Alan Trench (UK)
Guitar, fx, Vox
Is an active member of the Astral Underground Drainage System

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