No Escape

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Ythaq: No Escape [Amazon, Publisher, Local Library] by Christophe Arleston, Adrien Floch.

Arleston Floch Ythaq No Escape

This second volume of the English translation of Arleston and Floch’s Ythaq reveals a couple more layers to the conspiratorial plot, but offers no resolution. The art remains excellent, and the characters affecting, although the story is increasingly an affair of some god(s) in the machine (planet). It doesn’t seem that the further story beyond this segment is currently available in English, but hopefully it will be in the future. As with other titles of the Marvel Soleil imprint, I find the reduction of the art from the larger European BD size to the smaller US comic book page format to be a loss, but the book is otherwise materially excellent.