Hermetic Library Newsletter #97

because it’s just … wow!

This morning I released Magick, Music and Ritual 17 and there’s so much involved in releasing another album! I’ve been busy all week, and still have things to do around this event, and I keep finding things I’ve forgotten to do. It’s a big bright spot in my year. I’m really excited for everyone to get to hear this now, and not just me listening to it (and last week’s TINAHLAA-4) over and over to be sure it’s just right!

I also generated image for Glasya-Labolas from Goetia and Prince of Wands from Thoth Tarot. There was some noise I made about the number of followers I had in the ‘verse. And there’s an image from NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion, because it’s just … wow!

Plus, almanac, propaganda, a meme in here somewhere, calendar, zine, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!

And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Magick, Music and Ritual 17 released!

Magick, Music and Ritual 17, the anthology album release for 2022 from the Anthology Project, is being released for anniversary of the December 3, 1996 birthday of the Hermetic Library, with a playlist of 11 tracks by 11 artists, new and returning voices, for this Hermetic Library Anthology Album.

Technically, tomorrow is the anniversary of the library’s birthday, but today is a Bandcamp Friday, so I figured I’d release it today. If you’re not getting a gratis download as a participant, Subscriber on Bandcamp, or Patron on Patreon, consider heading over and picking this issue up today … or, you know, the entire back catalog!?

In addition to releasing on Bandcamp, where you can listen to the whole thing now, whether you buy it or not, I’ve also added this album into general rotation over on MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC. But, of course, the support is much appreciated if you’re a support getting this gratis or picking up the album at Bandcamp to add to your collection.

Followers in the ‘verse

Over on the main library account in the ‘verse, the follower account has passed 343 …

"But we have found the Super-food. We know a vehicle of which a few grains can house enough pure light to fill a man not only with nourishment, but with Energy almost superhuman, and parallel, Intelligence incredibly sun-bright for four-and twenty hours. That substance is theoretically easy, but practically hard to obtain."—Liber CCCXLIII: AMRITA Some Comments on the Elixir of Life

… 367 …

Definitely don’t check out Liber CCCLXVII De Homunculo. It's not actually at the library ::sad trombone:: because, it's one of the "secret" books under seal of upper degrees, in this case OTO's IX°.

But, you can probably guess what it's about, yeah? If not it's easy enough to find, if you don't mind spoilers.

“That’s a degree secret! Go look it up on the Internet, sir!”—Willy Wonka, probably.

… 370 …

"And in all shalt thou create the Infinite Bliss and the next link of the Infinite Chain."

"So therefore the beginning is delight, and the End is delight, and delight is in the midst"

Liber A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici

… 397 …

Konx Om Pax only recently got added as Liber CCCXCVII Konx Om Pax to the list of technical books. Much of the contents were already other libri, but this was added, along with several others, in 2021 by the Italian edition of "Magick. Liber ABA. Libro quattro. Parti I-III" based on the Lowry TS of "Magick in Theory and Practice".

… 400 …

"A graphic interpretation of the Tarot on the plane of initiation."

"Analyzes the Hebrew alphabet into seven triads, each of which forms a Trinity of sympathetic ideas relating respectively to the Three Orders comprised in the A∴A∴"

Liber ת vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum sub figurâ CD

… and back to 399, as of this morning. ::sad trombone::

MidJourney & DALL-E

As I’ve finished up the series from last week, I started the next ones. On Tuesday, I started posting images for Glasya-Labolas.

(25.) Glasya-Labolas.—The Twenty-fifth Spirit is Glasya-Labolas. He is a Mighty President and Earl, and showeth himself in the form of a Dog with Wings like a Gryphon. He teacheth all Arts and Sciences in an instant, and is an Author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter. He teacheth all things Past, and to Come. If desired he causeth the love both of Friends and of Foes. He can make a Man to go Invisible. And he hath under his command 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, to be, etc.

Here’s the 4up grids as previews for what’s in the series at the thread.

Then on Thursday I started posting a series for Prince of Wands. Here’s those 4up grids.

And, hold on, let me set up those entries for Glasya-Labolas and Prince of Wands in Hermeneuticon now …


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