A Boy and His Gold

“Over a century ago, the mummy of a teenage boy was found in Nag el-Hassay, Egypt. The body remains wrapped to this day, but a team of researchers just used CT scanning to peer through the linens to find 49 amulets on and inside the boy’s body. The mummy was in a Ptolemaic cemetery about 500 miles south of Cairo, making the remains about 2,300 years old. The CT scans the team conducted also revealed details of the boy’s health before he died.” “The boy’s social class was deduced from his ornate burial—the team refers to the remains as the “Golden boy mummy” for its gilded face mask. Under the mummy’s wrappings, the researchers found more evidence of wealth: 21 different shapes of amulets, 30 of which were made of gold. The amulets were intentionally placed at specific places on the body; a gold tongue amulet was in the mummy’s mouth, which the researchers believe was done to allow the boy to speak in the afterlife. A two-finger amulet was placed next to the boy’s penis, which the researchers believe was to cover up an embalming incision.”—”New Scans Reveal 2,300-Year-Old Mummy Boy and His Gold Treasures. The golden tokens and footwear were intended to ease the body’s transition into the afterlife.”

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