The Art

The Art: A Grimoire of Traditional Witchcraft by Kerry Wisner, on pre-order with signed book plate, in the Geassa series. Hardcover and special editions on offer, with paperback forthcoming.

Wisner The Art paperback edition

“Witchcraft and magic have been with humanity from our beginning. Beyond all that we as a species are, these have remained because they work. And because they work, Traditional Witchcraft remains vital today.

This is the third in the Geassa series of books, a compendium of techniques rooted in Traditional Witchcraft that combine ancient pagan, Hermetic and cunning folk teachings into a powerful system of practical magic. Detailed rituals, spells, and formulae are presented including:

· Summoning the Serpent’s Breath in preparation for ritual.
· House spirits & protective magic.
· A detailed list of planetary and zodiacal sigils, seals and the spirits involved.
· Traditional talismans & amulets for a variety of uses.
· Mirror magic – including mirrors of revealing, enchanting & repelling.
· Scrying & Crystal Gazing.
· The Art of Fascination & the Glamour.
· Candle & Cord magic in Traditional Witchcraft.
· Necromancy – the art of summoning the dead.
· Prosperity magic.
· Seasonal and Full Moon Rituals.
· A listing of different incantations, Words of Power and much more.

Fully documented, including over ninety illustrations, this book gives in depth instruction into the techniques of practical Traditional Witchcraft.”

Wisner The Art hardcover edition

Wisner The Art special edition

Update 16mar2023:

Watch “The Art by Kerry Wisner promo video

“Kerry Wisner introduces his latest book ‘The Art’ which is the third book in his Trilogy ‘The Geassa’.”